Voices from Detroit

Detroit is the poorest, fastest-shrinking major city in America and came in first on Forbes magazine’s “Miserable Cities Index” this year. Abandonment, violence, and decay are its most familiar stories. But Detroit is also a city of ingenuity and reinvention born of necessity. This is Detroit's other story, a tale of human resourcefulness that is as much the city's essence as its widely publicized deterioration.

Voices from Detroit is a four-part project that documents the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Detroit, Michigan in a time of despair, decay, recycling, and renewal, and celebrates the inspirational and empowering energy of storytelling. Phase one is a multi-year anthology of documentary stories on life, work and survival in the city. This anthology will serve both as a community repository and as data for future scholars. All of these stories will be digitally archived at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and be available to the general public through the second part of this project. Phase two is the creation of an interactive portal that will support the documentary anthology and provide a forum for two-way communication with members of the general public and our academic humanists.