About Acadia Pictures

H. James Gilmore, MA

Jim Gilmore (executive producer) is a documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on American culture, social justice and history. He is the director of over 20 films on a variety of topics, from Zimbabwe: A Racial Revolution (1988) about the transition from white-ruled Rhodesia to black-ruled Zimbabwe, to Cracking Aces (2018), which profiles the groundbreaking women who fought to shatter the glass ceiling of professional poker. Currently he is in production on a new documentary about professional MLB scouts. Gilmore holds a MA in Broadcasting and Film from the University of Iowa and is the executive producer of Acadia Pictures, an independent production company he founded in 1995. In addition to his work in documentary media he teaches cinematic arts at the college level and serves as the associate director of the Acadia Institute of Oceanography in Seal Harbor, Maine.

Tracy Halcomb, Ph.D.

Tracy Halcomb, Ph.D. (collaborating producer, Florida) has over 25 years of experience teaching at the college-level in communication law, audio, and video production.  She is currently Professor of Communication at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Halcomb completed her M.A. in Mass Media and her PH.D. in Mass Media Law and Policy at Bowling Green State University.  She has executive produced numerous student productions broadcast on network and PBS affiliate television stations in the Jacksonville, Florida market. Halcomb served as producer and sound recordist for the award-winning documentary Cracking Aces: A Woman’s Place at the Table (2018) about female poker players who pull the veil back on the world of professional poker and the hurdles of exploitation and harassment which they must overcome.  She is currently producing our new documentary about MLB scouts.

Rick Morrone

Rick Morrone (collaborating producer, Michigan) is a former student and current colleague of Executive Producer Jim Gilmore.   Rick has extensive experience in production and post-production: From producing, to video editing, to directing and camera operating. His professional work has focused on regional and national ad campaigns, corporate videos, web videos, music videos and short films.  In addition, Rick is a SAG eligible actor featured in national and regional commercials.  A musician and music producer, Rick collaborates with Acadia Pictures and other clients on original music scores and custom music tracks for their multimedia work.

Nadia Ramoutar, Ph.D.

Nadia Ramoutar, Ph.D. (collaborating producer, Ireland) is a writer, artist and director who focuses on stories which give a voice to the voiceless. She was born in Dublin, Ireland to an Irish mother and an Indian father and her work often focuses on issues of diversity and inclusivity. She lived in America for many years, working in media and also teaching college. She returned to Ireland and currently lives in Co. Wicklow where she is actively creating and consulting on stories which show life from the underdog’s perspective. Nadia served as co-director and producer of Triplex.  She holds a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Florida.